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November 1, 2023 from 9am-5pm at The Foundry, in Cleveland

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Who Should Attend?

If you're venturing into the world of HoldCos and you're in the early stages of acquiring your first or second company, this event is tailor-made for you. Our expert-led bootcamp delivers the essential tools you need for success.

Our inaugural bootcamp held in April received overwhelmingly positive feedback, and due to popular demand, we're thrilled to announce the next one. The resounding positivity from our attendees was the driving force behind our decision to host another bootcamp.

Don't miss out on this valuable experience that can propel your HoldCo journey forward. Register now and take a significant step toward your HoldCo success story.

What Will You Gain?

Join Kelcey Lehrich and John Wilson for a comprehensive deep dive into building a successful HoldCo.

Drawing from their own diverse and successful HoldCos, including insights into acquisitions, financing, integrations, and more, you'll gain invaluable insights.

With dozens of portfolio companies and tens of millions of dollars in annual revenue, they know what it takes to succeed in the holding company industry.

You'll leave equipped with the tools and strategies needed to grow your holding company with confidence, ready to navigate the complex landscape of HoldCos.

Limited Bootcamp Tickets Available!

Our program is designed to provide an immersive learning experience. We limit the number of tickets to ensure that each attendee receives personalized attention and has ample opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions with our experts. Don't miss this unique opportunity!

HoldCo 101 Bootcamp
Tickets Include:

  • Sessions to help start and grow your HoldCo
  • 1-1 access to HoldCo CEOs and COOs who know exactly what you're going through
  • Food & drinks for the entire day
  • Dinner and drinks at the Alley Cat Oyster Bar with Kelcey, John, and all bootcamp attendees
  • An all-access tour of John's new HQ in the morning on 11/2
  • We recommend arriving on 10/31 for an early bird dinner and staying until 11/2
  • View our detailed Agenda Here!

Single Bootcamp Ticket

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November 1, 2023 from 9am-5pm in Cleveland, Ohio! Location: The Foundry

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Presale Price: $700

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Two Bootcamp Tickets

Bring your partner or co-founder with you!

November 1, 2023 from 9am-5pm in Cleveland, Ohio!
Location: The Foundry

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What's On The Agenda?

Check out our detailed agenda here!

At our bootcamp, you'll receive hands-on training from experienced professionals who will guide you through the ins and outs of starting and managing a holding company.

Equip yourself with the resources and knowledge necessary to make informed decisions about your own holding company.

  • HoldCo Strategy: Learn how to create a functional HoldCo structure by maximizing financial flexibility, determining your objectives in terms of cash flow versus growth, and deciding whether to buy and hold or sell assets.

  • Financing: We show you the best ways to finance your HoldCo by going into detail with the various financing options available, such as equity and debt, and choosing the most appropriate and sustainable approach for your HoldCo's growth and financial goals.

  • Stages of the HoldCo: Deep dive into how to work with the different stages of a HoldCo as it grows and evolves. Learn to adapt your strategy to the changing needs of the business, including diversifying investments, managing risk, and ensuring effective communication and coordination between subsidiaries.

  • Acquisitions: Acquiring businesses for a HoldCo involves developing a rigorous strategy, conducting thorough due diligence, negotiating favorable terms, and integrating the company effectively into the HoldCo structure. Learn our fool proof process for a healthy acquisition.

  • Day 1 Planning: It's crucial to conduct thorough day 1 planning. We have the best practices for: taking over the team, onboarding vendors and suppliers, establishing systems and software, shaping the culture, and implementing effective communication strategies.

  • Building a Team: Learn how to build an efficient team for your HoldCo. Our lessons involve identifying the key roles and responsibilities required for effective management and decision-making, recruiting and developing talent that complements your own skillset, and fostering a culture of collaboration, transparency, and accountability.

Meet Your Hosts

They're 2 of the most passionate CEOs in the HoldCo space!

HoldCo 101 Bootcamp is co-hosted by Kelcey Lehrich of 365 Holdings and John Wilson of Owned and Operated.

Kelcey and John are the founders and hosts of HoldCo Conference: The official "Un-Conference" of micro-PE where holding companies meet, learn, scale, and grow.

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Between 365 Holdings and the Wilson Companies there are:

  • Diverse Business Models
  • Dozens of Portfolio Companies
  • Hundreds of employees
  • Tens of Millions of Dollars in Annual Revenue

A Full Day Bootcamp For SMB HoldCos!

Attending a bootcamp is an investment in yourself and your career, and the knowledge and experience you gain can be invaluable.

You'll have the chance to network with other entrepreneurs and investors in the same boat as you.
Gain the skills you need to succeed as a holding company owner.

The bootcamp runs from 9am-5pm. All food and drink  are included. Join us in Cleveland, Ohio on April 20th, 2023!

Includes Dinner and Drinks

Be our guest for dinner and drinks at 5:30pm. After a day of bootcamp, we treat you to some of the best food and drink Cleveland has to offer!

It's the perfect opportunity to swap stories, share challenges and make new connections with your fellow bootcamp attendees.

This is a casual evening of networking and socializing with food, open bar, and great company!

HoldCo 101 Bootcamp is brought to you by HoldCo Conference